Work package 1 – Definition of requirements from use-cases

Work Package Leader: TEC

Contact Person: Dr. Mildred J. Puerto Coy    email: mildred.puerto(a)

The objectives of WP1 are as follows:

  1. Definition of the final use-cases to be used within the ReCaM. In particular, the ReCaM consortium will provide a detailed description of all characteristics and features specific of each use-case, as well as the common ones.
  2. Description of all hardware and software requirements related to the use-cases, in order to obtain a common ground on which it is possible to identify and measure all ReCaM accomplishments.
  3. Generalization and standardisation of ReCaM results, in order to achieve the highest possible exploitation of the demonstrated solutions.
    The consortium identified two industrial cases, in two different industrial context.

The results of technology workpackages WP2-5 will be demonstrated in two practical environments within WP6.