Work package 6 – Validation and Implementation of Demonstrators

Work Package Leader: DGH

Contact Person: Mr. Enrique Gil     email: egil(a)

The objective of this work package is to implement and demonstrate the ReCaM solutions and its applicability in the real industry environments proposed as use cases in WP1. The individually tested, and validated demonstration activities done in WP3, WP4 and WP5 will be integrated and implemented by the industrial partners, according to the requirements defined in Task 1.2. This should guarantee that the various engineering solutions at different levels are well coordinated and capable of communicating to each other when implemented into an operational system, therefore ensuring the achievement of ReCaM concepts in a real industrial setting. After the proposed implementation and the operation of different solutions that are tested and working along the demonstration process, a continuous measurement and assessment of the target KPIs will be executed, in order to maximize the effective impact of ReCaM solutions. In addition, the demonstration process will provide feedback about the current state of demonstration to each work package, acting as an input of additional practical requirements and user specifications.

The results of these demonstration activities will be conducted on four workshops, two for each use case, hosted at the demonstration site and organized by a collection of consortium partner experts. Two of these workshops will be reserved to the consortium and to the EC members. The other two will be open to the public and especially to prominent figures of the target industries.