Work package 4 – Flexible Production System Engineering and Reconfiguration Management

Work Package Leader: POLIMI

Contact Person: Prof. Marcello Colledani     email: marcello.colledani(a)

The objective of this workpackage is twofold. Firstly, the flexible production system embedding the programmable mechatronic objects characterized in WP3 will be designed, implemented in the demonstrators and validated at shop floor level against the engineering requirements gathered in WP1 and WP2. To support the designer in this task a system engineering platform connected to the mechatronic object catalogue will be developed and implemented, which allows the user to explore several potential configurations based on the capabilities of the mechatronic objects. Secondly, a set of methods and ICT tools for the integrated system planning and reconfiguration management will be developed, tested and implemented into an integrated platform at MES level. These tools will enable the proper management of the capabilities of the installed system, during the operational phase. They will be capable of monitoring the current system configuration and of providing a set of optimal candidate reconfigurations, according to the specific production needs. This framework includes a tool for automatic system layout and configuration recognition, to link the current real modules composing the system to the ones provided within the system architecture. The results of the reconfiguration process are visualized in a proper digital environment to support decision making during the system management phase.