Work package 3 – Capability and Resource Modelling and Representation

Work Package Leader: TUT

Contact Person: Dr. Eeva Järvenpää     email: eeva.jarvenpaa(a)

The objective of this work package is to enable the representation of the resources and their capabilities in a way which a) enables dynamic crosslinking between the workpiece requirements and capabilities of mechatronic objects, and b) supports automatic reconfiguration and programming of the resources for the given task. The capability model and resource description should be able to capture the relevant functional characteristics of the production resource, support both the rapid reconfiguration and allocation of the resources, and enable autonomous programming of the modules. The formal resource description aims to provide a comprehensive digital representation of the resource including its basic characteristics (such as size, weight,…), and the interface specifications. The resource description of an individual device encapsulates the specific capability information related to that specific device. The capability model should facilitate the specification of the capabilities of individual resources (MOs), combined capabilities of multiple co-operating resources, and allow automatic matching of the workpiece requirements with the resource capabilities. Each individual MO is described by the digital resource model to form a MO catalogue, which will be used as a basis when generating alternative system configurations in WP4. Likewise, the WP4 will utilise the capability model and catalogue for finding out fitting production solutions. This WP will utilize the existing capability and resource description models by TUT and bring them to TRL6.