Work package 2 – System and Module Architecture

Work Package Leader: BOSCH

Contact Person: Dr. Sebastian Schröck     email: Sebastian.Schroeck(a)

In order to improve the competitiveness of European manufacturing industry, the project proposes the development of a highly modular system consisting of a set of highly integrated mechatronic objects. These basic functional elements have to be as autonomous as possible in order to keep communication as simple as possible and control complexity low. At the same time, interaction of mechatronic objects with various different functions has to be ensured independently from the chosen configuration. In order to meet industry’s urgent need for short set-up times and fast reconfiguration, all mechatronic objects must fit into a robust and extendable plug-and-produce concept. In addition, the proposed system should be operated intuitively, not needing experts for set-up and start of operation.

The main objective of WP2 is to derive a general architecture for a highly modular system approach consisting of collaborating, autonomous functional elements. The substantial objectives are:

  1. Derivation of an overall system structure.
  2. Determination of functions, protocols and data representation which necessarily need to be standardized.
  3. Partitioning and definition of functionalities (assembly process, communication, data provision) across the required components.
  4. Definition of a standardized yet extendable data model.