ReCaM – Intellectual Property and Exploitation Results workshop (17/10/2017)

The ReCaM project consortium has convened on 17th October, 2017, in Madrid, in order to discuss the strategies and practical steps towards the project’s intellectual property and exploitable results (IP & ER). Based on the relevant developments made during the first half of the project, and important feedback obtained during the ReCaM project mid-term meeting, a road map is discussed aiming at guiding the innovative outputs of the project into well-defined exploitable results that can achieve a good market potential.

For this purpose, the following main points are discussed in the workshop:

  • IP identification and ownership of results
  • IP protection strategies
  • Exploitation intentions and market analysis
  • Exploitation plans

Furthermore, a toolbox for assisting the partners in charge of the exploitable results, to describe and document the important aspects of the IP &ER is prepared and presented by the new exploitation leader (Enginsoft). Finally, the meeting is adjourned by outlining the next steps and assigning the IP & ER responsibilities to the consortium partners. The next follow up about the intellectual properties and exploitation results will be discussed during the Face-to-Face meeting in Milan (21st-22nd November, 2017).