ReCaM – Face to Face meeting in Milan (21-22/11/2017)

On November 21st-22nd, the ReCaM project consortium has conducted a two-day workshop, in Milan. The consortium has presented the overall status of the ReCaM project, and the progresses made under each technical work package. The current versions of the different ReCaM tools are presented. The developments of these tools, and the necessary steps leading towards their integration are also discussed. Furthermore, the consortium presented the developments related to the ReCaM demonstration environments, and outlined the next activities to be performed.

Focusing on the exploitable results, the break down structure of each exploitable result, considering the associated background and foreground claims are reviewed. The role of ReCaM partners in developing, using and licensing them is also defined. Future plans on the different exploitation routes of the results are discussed.

Finally, the meeting is adjourned by highlighting the next activities for finalizing the individual developments, and the integration of the software tools.