ReCaM – Face to Face meeting in Renningen (07-08/03/2018)

On March 7th-8th, 2018, the ReCaM project consortium has conducted a two-day workshop, at Bosch Renningen campus. This workshop was focused on the practical steps leading to the software integration process among ReCaM tools, and the next phases of their implementation on the demonstration environments. The following issues were the specific focuses of the workshop.
– Updates on the current state of the demonstrators are presented.
– Technical sessions for the verification of data interfaces, runtime services and implementation prototypes are held and implementation milestones are presented.
– Based on previously defined demonstration scenarios, the partners responsible for the individual ReCaM solutions have tested their tools and outlined further implementation issues.
The consortium also discussed the current state and the next plans within the exploitation and dissemination activities.
– The first versions of the business plan proposals related to ReCaM exploitable results are summarised and presented.
– The next steps and strategies in the development of the business plans are discussed.
– The status of the ReCaM dissemination activities are presented.
– The next plans for disseminating the project results are outlined.
Finally, the meeting is adjourned after summarising the main outcomes of this workshop and defined the next steps to be taken. The semi-annual steering committee meeting is also conducted during this workshop.